Best 8 places to travel during the summer!

A few days separate us from the start of the summer, and the first thing we think after the end of winter is to go to the sea and go out with friends and family and spend the holiday together, and most important of all is to travel to another country which is the best thing to do in the summer for a fun time and an experiential life New. The following is the best place to travel in the summer of 2018:


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A country that is not generally familiar to Arabs but has recently entered the summer destination list and attracted a large number of tourists, especially because of its beautiful coastline and its clean and beautiful beaches. Holiday in Dubrovnik increased by 405% and prices fell 5%.


Cyprus has been in the Arab tourist destinations for years and is the ideal place to spend a holiday on the beautiful beaches and spend the night at dawn. A destination suitable for friends or even lovers. Holiday prices have dropped by 12% since last year.


If you like adventure, Portugal is suitable for you, cheaper than other European countries like France. The beaches are wonderful and they are also full of ancient tourist and heritage sites, and they are also the best places to try paragliding.

Sharm El-Shaikh

Of course we heard someone we know went to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. You can spend a wonderful summer holiday at this place at very reasonable prices. And despite the very high heat that the beautiful sea will forget you. This is a family friendly place.


Turkey, like Sharm el-Sheikh, has become a tourist destination for many years. Istanbul is suitable for lovers of historic tourism and Marmaris for lovers of the sea and beaches. Prices are very acceptable and you will meet many Arabs there. Also a family-friendly place.


Here the situation is different again, this European country enjoys wonderful coastal cities and romantic. Prices are cheaper than the rest of Europe but are more expensive than Turkey, for example. Crete has fallen holiday prices by 13% and is an ideal place for lovers and new grooms.


From the cheapest holiday destinations, you will enjoy great views and beautiful and clean beaches. Prices are much lower than in other European countries. Varna is now attracting some Arabs. It is a unique and unique destination.


Here the situation is a bit different. If you have extra money and would like to spend an exceptional and luxurious holiday, Spain is the right tourist destination. Combines the sea, historical tourism and night vigil.

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