For a pleasant tourist experience ... European cities charming did not think of you

Although it is hard to think of traveling to the most famous cities, which tourists always visit but we forget that there are other charming cities that lack the great reputation of capitals and large cities, so if you decide to travel to tourist destinations unknown but provide an enjoyable experience, we chose You have some of the best known tourist destinations that you never thought of but have recently become increasingly popular:
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Italian city of Lucca
It is one of the most popular cities in the province of Tuscany. It is located in the northwestern part of central Italy. It is a very ancient city dating back to BC. It was an important residence of Julius Caesar in the Roman era. The church of San Michele is one of the oldest churches in history.
City of Winchester
The historic capital of the United Kingdom in the Anglo-Saxon era, it is a historic city in the south-east of England. It is home to a range of fascinating historical monuments, holy sites, monasteries and tombs of great importance in English history.
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The Portuguese city of Marvao
It is a beautiful mountain town on the Portuguese-Spanish border, dating back to the Middle Ages, and is the most distinguished of the great fortified castle of a very long time ago, built by the ancient inhabitants to protect them from external threats.
Stein am Rhein, Switzerland
It is a small, lively and charming town dating back to the Middle Ages. The charming small town is famous for the distinctive and historic character of the houses built there, with a number of historical monuments including the Lindform Museum and Hohenklingen Castle as well as holiday destinations and scenic destinations.
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French city of Nagak
It is an ancient city located in the south of France in one of the green highlands. It departs from the hustle and bustle of most French cities, which is always crowded with visitors in the summer and vacation periods. Old fortresses.


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