On Lake Louise .. Here is the most beautiful ski resort in Canada

Lake Louise is located in the heart of Canada’s Banff National Park, near a small village of its size and vast beauty. The beautiful and elegant ski resort overlooking the lake’s majestic splendor and Canadian white mountains stretches out the scenic landscape to fill the horizon with magic and heart peace.
Lake Louise Ski Resort is one of North America’s best and most beautiful resorts. It was named the Best Resort in Canada by the World Ski Committee in November 2018. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rocky Mountain Parks, covering 4200 hectares Of the ski grounds within Banff National Park.
Lake Louise is owned by the family of Charlie Locke, his wife Louise and their two daughters, Robin and Kimberly, who have run the place since childhood, and can be seen throughout the resort. For example, the girls built the two-storey stone fireplace in the center of the hotel. The two sisters worked in different professions before taking up their executive roles at the Lake Louise ski resort. They have a master’s degree in law and business administration, and they do all the skiing and hotel work.
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The resort offers plenty of activities throughout the year, as well as skiing and snowboarding, hiking and a wildlife center. In summer, the hotel offers sightseeing tours and exploring the surrounding nature.
The hotel has Koma Yama Sushi Restaurant, which seems unconventional at a Canadian country ski resort, but is renowned for its exquisite blend of high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship.
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The two sisters collaborate with a group of volunteers called “Friends of Ski” to tour guided tourists, impart knowledge about local wildlife, and the importance of vegetation and heritage conservation.
It may be difficult to reach the resort especially in the winter, but accommodation can be found near the lake where some modest hotels are located. Lake Louise is a 2-hour drive from Calgary Alberta and about 45 minutes from Banff city center. The resort is also accessible via the National Park bus that takes guests from Lake Louise to Banff back and forth.

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